Hailey Warden


Hailey grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah; after taking a gap year she spent a year at SLCC and obtained an Associate’s of Arts degree in Environmental Science. She is currently attending Western Washington University completing her Bachelor’s in a double major of Biology with an emphasis on Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology, and Illustration.
Hailey has worked in a variety of jobs, mostly centering around kids. She has also been teaching swim lessons since 2017, and continues to do so as a side job.
Hailey has always had a passion for animals, especially chelonians, ever since her class pet Squirt, a Russian tortoise, in 3rd grade. During her gap year she rescued her own Red-Eared Slider that was extremely stunted and kept in poor conditions, which sparked a huge interest in animal welfare/conservation.
Hailey was introduced to Scales and Tails Utah by a fellow employee, when they met at a research symposium where she was presenting her research project on the Cuvier’s Dwarf Caimans at the Loveland Aquarium.
She hopes to continue working with reptiles, with a focus on conversation and their role in the natural environment.