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Zookeeper For a Day

Zookeeper Program for Youth ages 6 – 16:

Does your child have a passion for animals? Would he or she love to have a chance to work behind the scenes? Then this is the opportunity they have been waiting for! We’ll be hosting Junior Zookeeper Classes throughout the Winter School Break. Participants will get the opportunity to help our staff clean animal enclosures, prepare meals and feed the animals, learn reptile husbandry and simple vet care, handle animals that the general public typically does not get to work with and receive special training on how to deal with reptiles in the wild. Zookeeper duties will vary so each session will not be the same.

  • Cost will be $35/child/session for the Initial session, then $25/session for additional session.  Additional sessions do not include a T-shirt.
  • Zookeeper time frame: 2 hours. (11:00am – 1:00pm)
  • Includes a T-Shirt (with Initial Registration)
  • Children can book single sessions or multiple sessions.
  • Questions?  801-577-7182 or info@scalesandtailsutah.com


Various – See Below

Dec 21 – Colubrid Day!  What types of snakes are colubrids?  Things like kingsnakes, milk snakes, and gopher snakes, just to name a few!

Dec 22 – Bird of the World Day – Meet a variety of birds from around the world.  Find out what makes a good pet bird vs a bad pet bird.

Dec 23 –  Tortoise day!  – Learn about all the different types of tortoises and turtles we have. 

Dec 26 – Python & Boa Day! Learn about the differences between Boas vs Pythons.  Did you know there are over 40 different species of these types of snakes??

Dec 27 – All things Lizards!  Meet several species of Monitor lizard and Tegu Lizard.  They are cousins to the Komodo Dragon! We will also get close encounters with some nicer pet lizard species such as bearded dragons and blue tongue skinks!

Dec 28 – Care of Mystical Creatures 101 Class – be transported to a magical realm where we will interact with firecrabs, basilisk, boomslangs, dragons, and guardians of the mermaids.  Bring your wand and get ready to study up on taking care of these cool creatures!

Dec 29 – Crocodilian Day!  Learn the differences between crocodiles, alligators, and caiman. 

Dec 30 – Venom Day! – Let’s talk Venom!  What is it?  What does it do?  Who has venom? Is venom and poison the same thing or different?

Jan 2 – Geography Day/Where in the world do they live? – We will discuss animals that live here in North America vs places like Australia, South East Asia and Africa. 

Jan 3 – Zookeeper’s Choice Day!  We will defer to each Junior Zookeeper and learn about any of the animals they haven’t seen yet or want to revisit!

  • Maximum of 20 participants per keeper session
  • Minimum of 5 participants required to run the session
  • Participant must fill out registration form and liability waiver prior to participation
  • Separate registration REQUIRED for EACH participant (so we can obtain all the specific info for that child)
  • Youth ages 6-16 allowed to participate
  • Zookeeper duties will vary from session to session
  • Participants may sign up for multiple sessions (must repeat registration for each date of camp)
  • Please note, registration is not final until you have paid and been accepted into the date requested by reply e-mail.
  • Multiple dates can be added to the same registration, but PLEASE do not add multiple participants on the same registration.  Separate registrations needed to collect all pertinent info for each child.  

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