External Links

    • The Big Outdoors Expo

      If you are into the outdoors, then the Big Outdoors Expo is one you will want to attend! Scales and Tails provides a giant live animal display, shows and animal handling throughout the entire event. Click link for details! 

    • Reptile Adventures

      Danny Conner has been a great resource and friend. He gave Shane the drive to start Scales and Tails here in Utah.  

    • Custom Birthday Cards

      Custom Birthday Cards by Melinda Bryant 

    • Keep It Marketing

      John & Sherry are wonderful designers and printers for many different types of marketing materials. 

    • Wasatch Reptile Expo

      Held twice a year at the Utah State Fair Grounds! Check out the link for exact dates. 

    • King Snake

      A resource where you can find reptiles of your own 

    • Pets & Such

      A local pet store in SLC where you can find quality reptiles and other pets. 

    • Snake Buddies Blog

      Good information about snakes and snake bites 

    • ReptiFiles

      Where Better Reptile Care Begins – Tips, Care Sheets, and tons of other information all about Reptiles.  

    • Party Planning

      Great Place to find Ideas for Parties 



    • Gig Salad

      Petting Zoos for Parties in Salt Lake City  

    • Utah Bounce Party

      Looking for a fun addition to your child’s birthday party or for your next event? Check out Utah Bounce Party! They provide awesome slides, bounce houses, kiddy rides and more! 

    • Reptilla Directory

      Everything Reptile! 

    • Hotels Combined

      To find accommodation nearby, check out Hotels Combined! 

    • Free Reptile Shows

      Big Fundraising Ideas to earn a free reptile show for your school! 

    • Hiking Etiquette 101

      Great info on hiking etiquette! 

    • Happy Serpent

      Everything you need to know about owning and maintaining common snakes in the pet trade. 

    • Natur

      Into skulls, bugs and wet specimens? This is the store for you! Elegant displays and carefully crafted pieces. Great gift ideas! 

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