Asian Water Monitor – 5 ft long

Asian Water Monitors are the second largest species of lizards next to the Komodo Dragon.  In fact, they are cousins to the Komodo Dragon!  We obtained TNT at the Wasatch Reptile Expo in 2008 as a baby.  TNT has amazing and inspired children and adults everywhere to appreciate lizards.  TNT is now 13 years old and retired.  You can come to visit her and our other reptilian ambassadors at Scales and Tails Utah. Darthgator was less than a year old at the time and was the cutest little gator you ever did see.
He has grown up in our facility and has been an amazing animal ambassador to teach the young
and old about the wonderful world of crocodilians. He has been undergoing a training program here in-house for the past several years that has taught him to “come”, “stay”, “open”, and to go toward specific color blocks in his pond. He is a smart creature and we are so glad to have him represent our crocodilian group of reptiles.